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Ultrasonic Metal Welding Equipment 

spot welder uk

Spot Welders 

15, 20 and 40 kHz spot welders offer superior performance, versatility and lower operating costs than other technologies. Patented construction provides unsurpassed reliability 
wire splicer uk

Wire Splicers 

Splice wires from 0.35 to 40 mm2. Features fully automatic set-up of all wire sizes; fast, ergonomic operation; total quality monitoring and data logging. 
seam welder uk ireland

Seam Welders 

Integration friendly for a wide spectrum of seam welding systems. Welder accommodates a variety of materials and feed rates. 
tube sealer uk ireland

Tube Sealers 

Hermetically seal and cut tubing in less than one second in both production and field environments. 
ultrasonic equipment power supplies

Power Supplies 

Touch screen and keypad versions allow complete control, monitoring and data logging of the welding process. 
ultrasonic battery pack welder uk ireland

Battery Pack Welders 

Easily weld electrical interconnections within systems such as battery packs. Ultrasonic welder can be hand-operated or rigid-mounted within robotic or automated systems. 
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