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Ultrasonic food cutting 

Ultrasonic food cutting is used by a broad spectrum of companies within the food processing industry. The following is a partial list of some typical applications: 
frozen cakes and pies 
frozen fish 
snack and health bars 
fresh/frozen prepared meats 
dough or baked cookies 
soft and hard cheeses 
fresh/frozen vegetables 
sweets and confections 
ice cream bars 

Spin welders 

Model 1010 Spin Welder 
Spin power head on dual columns 
Fixed vertical opening with 10” space 
Multi-horsepower electric motor drive 
Dynamic braking 
Model 1020 Spin Welder 
Spin power head on dual columns 
Adjustable vertical opening from 
10” – 20” 
Multi-horsepower electric motor drive 
Positive stop adjustment 
Dynamic braking 
Power Supply 
Sonics’ spin welders are powered by a PLC logic-controlled power supply that controls the system's single and two-stage cycle modes, time-based weld settings and rpm adjustments. 

Vibration and Hot Plate Equipment 

Hot Plate welders and vibration welders available to special order. 
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